Installing and using OceanKTV


OceanKTV TVplayer is a karaoke system running on HybridDesk Station that can enable your NAS to be a karaoke player for you to sing along with all your karaoke content. OceanKTV Console is a karaoke system console running on the QTS operating system, enabling you to select songs among other functions.

Download and install OceanKTV

    Before you install, please check the limitations as follows:

  • Supported NAS models: TS-x51, TS-x51+, TS-x51S, TS-x53 Pro, TS-x53S Pro, TS-453mini, TVS-x63, TVS-x70, TVS-x71 and TVS-x71T series
  • QTS firmware version: 4.2.1 or above
  • Your NAS should support HybridDesk Station 3.0.0 or above
  • Your NAS should have at least 4GB RAM
  • 1 Log into your NAS as an administrator and go to "Control Panel" > "Applications" > "HybridDesk Station" to verify that HD Station is installed.
  • 2 If HD Station is not installed, please select "Get Started Now" and choose the applications you want to install, and then click "Apply". The system will start installing HD Station and the apps you selected. (You can skip this step if HD Station is already installed.)
  • 3 Next, go to "App Center" and search for “OceanKTV”. Then click "Add to QTS+" to start the installation.
  • 4 After finishing the installation process, you will see "OceanKTV Console" on the QTS desktop. This is the karaoke system's console used to select songs, control the player, edit songs information, and other settings.
    Note: OceanKTV Console is not the singing application. Please go to OceanKTV TVplayer to start singing.
  • 5 Then connect your NAS and monitor with an HDMI cable. You can see HD Station after logging into the NAS. The OceanKTV TVplayer is on the desktop and it is the application for singing. Now you only need to connect a microphone to your NAS and start singing.

Import your karaoke content

  • 1 You will see an "OceanKTV" shared folder after installing OceanKTV Console/ OceanKTV TVplayer. And all the songs you have imported to this shared folder will show on Songbook in OceanKTV Console/ OceanKTV TVplayer.
  • 2 You can also use other shared folders to manage your karaoke content. First import your content into a shared folder, and then go to "Control Panel" > "Applications" > "Multimedia Management" > "Media Folder" to check if this shared folder is added as a media folder and the "Video” category is checked. If this shared folder is not a media folder, please click "Add" to add it.
  • 3 Then go to "OceanKTV Console" > "karaoke Room" > "More" > "Settings" > "Source Path" to add a folder to import your karaoke content. Now you will see all your karaoke songs on "Songbook" in OceanKTV Console/ OceanKTV TVplayer.

Edit song information

You can edit a song’s info with the OceanKTV Console or in File Station so your karaoke content agrees with the rules in OceanKTV. In the steps below we will introduce two ways to edit a song’s information:

Edit via OceanKTV Console:

  • 1 Open OceanKTV Console on QTS and go to "Songbook" > "By Folder”, choose the desired song, and then click "Edit".

  • 2 You will see the original file name on the top of the editing screen. This is for your editing reference. Next you have to fill in all the fields and click "OK" to finish. Please note that the song’s original file name will also be changed.

Edit via File Station:

  • 1 Open "File Station" in QTS, right click on a song file and select "Rename".

  • 2 Please refer to the following naming rule to edit your songs’ name:

    Naming rule:
    Artist[Gender]_Song name[Language][Vocal Track][Karaoke].Filename Extension
    Adele[F]_Someone Like You[E][0].mp4

    Rule description:
    Please refer to the following description to fill in the file name.

    Rule description
    Gender Code (Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Eng)
    Male M/M/M
    Female F/F/F
    Group G/G/G
    Language Code (Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Eng)
    Chinese 國/国/M
    Taiwanese 台/闽/T
    Cantonese 粵/粤/C
    English 英/英/E
    Japanese 日/日/J
    Korean 韓/韩/K
    Spanish 西/西/S
    Vocal Track Code (Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Eng)
    Vocal on track L L
    Vocal on track R R
    Vocal on track 0 0
    Vocal on track 1 1
    Stereo S

Start singing with OceanKTV

  • You have finished importing your songs, now you can open OceanKTV TVplayer on HD Station and start singing. Please connect your NAS and a monitor with an HDMI cable and you will see HD Station. Log into your admin account and the OceanKTV TVplayer will show on the desktop.

Select audio output device

  • You can select whether to output audio from HDMI or via a sound card if your NAS has a built-in sound card (e.g., TS-x53A series). Connect your audio device to the HDMI port or sound card on your NAS and go to "More" > "Settings" in the OceanKTV Console. In the "Audio Output" tab select the interface you want to use and click "OK" to save any changes.

  • Alternatively, go to "Moree" > "Settings" in OceanKTV TVplayer to change the output interface.
    Note: You can only change this setting when the output device is not in use.

Player control during singing

  • Use the control panel on the bottom of OceanKTV Console/ OceanKTV TVplayer for basic functions such as Stop, Skip, or Adjust key during singing. In OceanKTV TVplayer, click "Enter/ OK" on your keyboard or remote control, and then click to open the control panel. In OceanKTV Console, click to open it.

Please refer to the following table for the functions of the control panel:

Name Icon Function description Note
Stop Stop player on OceanKTV TVplayer and back to the main page  
Play Control OceanKTV TVplayer to play  
Pause Control OceanKTV TVplayer to pause  
Skip Skip this song and go to the next one  
Replay Replay this song  
Vocal Enable/ Disable vocal  
Special Sound Effect Make sound effect during singing  
Adjust Key Adjust key(b7~#7)  
Echo Adjust echo (Small、Middle、Large)  
Mute Mute Included microphone sound and music
Mic Volume Adjust microphone volume  
Music Volume Adjust music volume