How to search and play songs on YouTube

  • 1 Open OceanKTV Console, then click YouTube.
  • 2The YouTube feature comprises [Recommend] and [Playlists Collection]. In [Recommend], you’ll find a playlist containing the latest hits, to help you keep up with the latest trends in music! [Playlists Collection] contains your personal playlists of music on the YouTube. Click here to find out how to add to songs to Favorites playlist.
  • 3 In addition, we also provide a direct search feature to help you locate songs on the YouTube! Enter keyword(s) into the YouTube search bar at the top of the YouTube page, and then click Search to search for the songs you want.
    YouTube search bar
    Enter keyword(s), and then click Search This is the search results page. To ensure the accuracy of the search, only 50 results will be listed for each search. If you cannot find what you need in the list, enter more precise keyword(s) and search again.
  • 4 You can choose to search for either [Songs] or [Playlists].
  • 5 After you have found a song, you can select [Play], [Insert] or [Open in YouTube].
  • 6 After you have found a list, other than selecting [Play], [Insert] or [Open in YouTube], you can also click [+] to add the entire list to the [Playlists Collection] Click [+] Click [+]: Added successfully Click [Return] Appears in [Playlists Collection]