Bring into being for you who love singing

OceanKTV turns your living room into your private karaoke room. Sing out loud alone or with friends when the music plays and enjoy the most joyful ambience.

Who'd have thought that NAS could be a karaoke machine

QNAP NAS allows you to build your own private cloud and centrally store all your multimedia files, while also serves as your exclusive karaoke machine. You can store thousands of 1080p music videos on the NAS and easily turn your home into a karaoke room by playing them through OceanKTV app. Costly karaoke machines may not sound like a good deal if they can only be used for singing, but an all-in-one QNAP NAS can be used for so much more to enrich your multimedia entertainmnet.

YouTube as your songbook

OceanKTV supports YouTube video streaming. By connecting your NAS to the internet, you can stream as many YouTube videos as you want to enjoy singing. The search bar helps you search and play music videos within a few clicks. No more waiting for downloading the latest hit songs.

Easily manage your songbook

In addition to streaming YouTube videos, you can also import music videos stored on your NAS*. Your songs will be classified based on folder names, singers and languages. By clicking the ‘favorite song’ icon, you can add songs to designated songbooks. Whether you are at a family gathering or hanging out with friends, requesting songs has never been easier.

*Song files are saved in the ‘OceanKTV’ folder in File Station

Complete karaoke features

OceanKTV comes with a wide range of features to maximize your karaoke experience, including song requests, inter-cut, cut, sound effects, vocal suppression, tone-tuning, echo cancelling, volume controls, pitch-tuning, and more.

Turn your mobile devices into remote controls

Download the OceanKTV App to your iOS® or Android™ devices, connect them to the same network as your NAS, and log into the NAS to take control of the entire karaoke experience.

Buy a NAS, get a free karaoke system

Conventional karaoke systems can easily cost up to US$900. Why spend that for just a karaoke machine when you can get so much more with a QNAP NAS? Not only can you enjoy a variety of features on the NAS to create a fully digital home, but OceanKTV provides a karaoke experience at no extra cost. The NAS can even be connected to an A/V receiver or amplifier for a greater audiovisual experience.

Install and experience now

  1. 1OceanKTV runs in the HD Station of QNAP NAS. After completing NAS setup, go to "Control Panel" > "Applications" > "HybridDesk Station" and install the app.
  2. 2Then, go to the QTS App Center and install "OceanKTV". In this step, the system will install OceanKTV Console on QTS and TVplayer on HD Station at the same time.
  3. 3Connect your NAS to an HDMI display to directly use HD Station and play OceanKTV. When you install the app, the OceanKTV management tool will be created on your QTS desktop.
  4. 4You can set up the karaoke environment based on your needs. Please refer to the following:
    • Basic

      Build a personal karaoke room with minimal costs. All you need is a NAS, a HDMI display, and a microphone. Note: Only dynamic microphones are supported.

    • Advance

      For a professional-quality karaoke experience, an amplifier, a stereo and HDTV are recommended. OceanKTV can send audio signals to your amplifier through the digital to analog converter and delivers clearer stereo sound. Note: Only dynamic microphones are supported.

    NAS Requirements:

    • HDMI output / At least 4GB RAM / Internal soundcard (or USB soundcard - sold separately)
    • Firmware: QTS 4.2.1 (or newer)
  5. 5After installing OceanKTV, you will see a new "OceanKTV" folder in File Station. Add karaoke songs to this folder to use them in OceanKTV.